Greenville NC SEO

Greenville, North Carolina located just inland of the North Carolina coast is home of the East Carolina Pirates and our company; Media Gurus. Greenville NC is a fastly growing business community with new businesses opening often.

With businesses opening up on every corner Nick Haddock: a Greenville local from DH Conley currently in his last year at ECU studying art & film. & I, Blake Hudson who studied MIS at ECU decided to put our skills together to build a great product.

What's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

90% of internet usage starts with a search engine like google. Here are some examples:

  • “Greenville NC hotels” is searched 12,100 times per month.
  • “Greenville NC restaurants” is searched 12,000 times per month.
  • “Greenville NC apartments” is searched 8,100 times per month.
  • “Greenville NC dentist” is searched 1,900 times per month.
  • “Greenville NC car dealerships” is searched 1,900 times per month.
  • “Carpet cleaners Greenville NC” is searched 400 times per month.
You can find these numbers by using online tools like ubersuggest
Many competitive businesses don’t show up for their searches in Greenville, NC. We create web pages strategically using the most popular search keywords so that your business will rank higher in Google’s algorithm getting your business more customers and rank higher on Google.