Our Case Studies

We work with four chiropractors across the United States. Dynamic Health Chiropractic was our first. Utilizing Google and Facebook ads, they average 4x return on ad spend every month. 

Skool is a learning management system similar to udemy that allows content creators to upload content with an organized comment system, create courses, and schedule events with a full-featured calendar. It currently hosts 20,000 monthly users.

Dr. Beau Hightower

Dr. Hightower has helped many professional athletes and celebrities heal or improve their injuries. Our Facebook and YouTube ad has earned him 6x+ his return on ad spend.

Curtis and Curtis Roofing bids competitively on keywords like “roof repair” in their local area. On average, they receive 20 additional calls per month using Google Ads, Click Cease, and a mobile responsive website. They receive a 2.5x-4x return on ad spend.

Boat Lift Warehouse saw an increase of checkouts by 30% with a website redesign, categorization, organization, & simplified checkout.  

Rogers Ecommerce store saw an increase of site speed of 2.5x and receive an average of 3.3 ROAS each month with our Google Ads management.

Tony Khoury with Transworld Business Advisors wanted a funnel utilizing google ads to bring business owners interested in selling their business, collect their contact information, add them to a newsletter, and build relationships. Although exact ROAS is hard to keep track of for this low-volume business, they’ve remained partnered with us since 2019.

Evans Properties wanted to display their properties on their website. We built a custom house management system so they can easily add and remove inventory.

Escrow Consulting & Accounting’s updated site and google ad strategy receives an average ROAS of 3x.